Diversity and inclusion

I am committed to making the meetups welcoming and inclusive, this includes always seeking to make them as diverse as possible.

Remote meetups are by their nature open people who can’t always attend regular meetups. Being able to dial in from home or work, reduces travel time, being remote means there are no physical barrier to accessibility, being during working hours (for most) means that it does not eat into family time and not being location specific means it reaches folk in more remote places or those that do not have local meetups.

Agile in the Ether is held over zoom, a video conferencing tool. Zoom has a bunch of accessibility features build in, including:

Closed captioning, closed caption REST API, keyboard Shortcuts for easy navigation, resizeable text and user interfaces on Windows via support of high DPI Aware. For more details, see this from zoom.

I am committed to supporting diversity (I created the diversity charter) and make an extra effort to create a meetup full of people with a diverse set of backgrounds and experience in order to make a better event for everyone. I know I can always do better; please get in touch if you can help me do that.