Agile in the Ether #11 / 21st June

Was on Friday 21st June, we talked about…

  • How to bridge the gap between wider waterfall programme governance and teams working in agile ways
  • What are the right conditions to be able to work in an agile way and how best to go about creating that environment? (Particularly interested in this for small [charity/social] orgs/teams new to this way of working)
  • Who is the best line manager you have had and why?
  • I have a couple of nominally multi-disciplinary teams who don’t behave as a team. Each person does one little bit then hands over; it creates nasty bottlenecks and duff cycle time. Ideas to fix, anyone?

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  1. Emily Webber avatar
    Emily Webber

    Links and stuff Link for some of the work Snook are doing in the charity space

    Riskiest Assumption Tests (RATs)

    Dave Gray’s culture map

    Exploring character strengths, for line management:

    Mob programming 
Video of 
Woody Zuill talking about mobbin

    Team health checks

    Coin game

    Collaboration party game

    From Jamie: 
I LOVE getting practical suggestions at these sessions. thanks so much for the ideas. :-)

    From Suraj Vadgama: 
Thanks everyone – really enjoyable and useful!!!

    From AlexC: 
Thank you everyone! Super inspiring! :-)

    From Akiko: 
Thanks to you all!

  2. Emily Webber avatar
    Emily Webber

    A couple of extra notes I took on the topic I proposed about line management. Things that people really valued were

    • good coaching (this is so crucial)
    • sharing vulnerability and their own stories of overcoming struggles
    • limiting talking about work and focusing on the person
    • encouraging people to do things they didn’t think they could (including line managing)
    • recognising things in them that the couldn’t see in themselves
    • pushed them o do new things but supported and coached along
    • being good at spotting where models were broken in their head and helped fix them
  3. Neil Vass avatar

    Great write up, thank you! Hearing what people value from line managers is really helpful.

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