Agile in the Ether #16 / 15th November

Was on Friday 15th November, we spoke about…

  • Strategies for encouraging senior management / execs to adopt agile ways of working
  • Reporting and updates at scale – crafting something sensible?
  • What have you learned about running great impact mapping sessions?
  • Communities of practice outside of government, and across organisational boundaries. Who is doing it really well, and what patterns are worth adopting to start one yourself ? (apart from Agile in Ether, obvs)

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    Emily Webber

    Links and comments from the meetup

    Getting More: You’re always negotiating – Stuart Diamond

    Never Split the Difference – Chris Voss

    Google Design sprints

    Good overview of meetings/docs for alignment
”everything you try and do is a bet” – Goijko Adzic

Related – a great book on ‘thinking in bets’

Thinking in Bets – the new book (shapeup) from Basecamp does a lot on this. free and shortish.


Gojko Adzic has open sourced his impact mapping workshop:

I find sharing this video before leading impact mapping usually helps:

Rosie Sherry. Building a massive testing community.



Thank you, I’ve learned a lot today!

great session as always :)

Thank you Emily \o/

Thanks a lot to all!

Thank you everyone!

Really interesting, and nice to see y’all!

Thanks very much everyone, and Emily for organising. Great stuff!

Thank you! First time joining, its been really great

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