Agile in the Ether #17 / 20th December

Was on Friday 20th December we talked about…

How do you encourage one (or two) team members to keep championing good practices, when the rest of the team isn’t really “there” yet?

What is your top learning from 2019

What’s the best work-related book you’ve read in the last 12 months?

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    Emily Webber

    Links and comments

Agile Troubleshooting podcast

    The Barcelona Way (book and talks)

    Cognitive load


    A crowd sourced reading list

Escaping the build trap


    No Hard feelings

    The Goal

Rebel Ideas

Strengths finder

Chimp paradox

VIA strengths profile

    Radical Candor–How-to-Get-What-You-Want-by-Saying-What-You-Mean/24181564


    Team Topologies

How to be right in a world gone wrong

    Digital Minimalism–On-Living-Better-with-Less-Technology/22960117

    Crucial Conversations



Turn the ship around

Platform revolution

    and Great summary thread here


Thanks so much to everyone, fast becoming one of my favourite hours in the month, so much knowledge and experience here.” – Simon M

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