Agile in the Ether #2 / 3rd Aug 2018

Agile in the Ether 2

Notes from the meetup

Discussion topics

  • The pros and cons of using the word Agile – Claire Ashcroft
  • The in-house team who build the product say Agile, the agency helping with the product says Agile (me), but the in-house management money holders still say waterfall and critical path. Ideas for getting through this without harming anyone –  Stephen Walker
  • How do we encourage people to overcome their fear of “damaging the metric” when they’re breaking down work items (e.g, “that’s not big enough to be a story”)? – Lawrence Weetman
  • what is an agile BA and how is it different to a traditional BA – Emily Webber
  • “Pure Agile” “Agile Purist” are these a thing and should we embrace them? – Nicola Burns

Topics we didn’t get a chance to discuss

  • How to shrink orgs when they have prematurely scaled too many teams – Adrian Howard
  • Delivery Manager/ Agile Coach, where do you go from there? – Ian Ames

2 responses to “Agile in the Ether #2 / 3rd Aug 2018”

  1. Emily Webber avatar
    Emily Webber

    Some additional links to things that were mentioned during the call

  2. Richard McLean avatar
    Richard McLean

    If anyone wants to read more about governance – inc goverance of agile delivery, and things on the impact of governance in the wider organisation  on agile delivery, I’ve pulled together a reading list:

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