Agile in the Ether #2 / 3rd Aug 2018

Agile in the Ether 2

Notes from the meetup

Discussion topics

  • The pros and cons of using the word Agile – Claire Ashcroft
  • The in-house team who build the product say Agile, the agency helping with the product says Agile (me), but the in-house management money holders still say waterfall and critical path. Ideas for getting through this without harming anyone –  Stephen Walker
  • How do we encourage people to overcome their fear of “damaging the metric” when they’re breaking down work items (e.g, “that’s not big enough to be a story”)? – Lawrence Weetman
  • what is an agile BA and how is it different to a traditional BA – Emily Webber
  • “Pure Agile” “Agile Purist” are these a thing and should we embrace them? – Nicola Burns

Topics we didn’t get a chance to discuss

  • How to shrink orgs when they have prematurely scaled too many teams – Adrian Howard
  • Delivery Manager/ Agile Coach, where do you go from there? – Ian Ames


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