Agile in the Ether #28 / 20th November

was on:
Friday 20th November
We talked about…

  • What’s one new thing you’ve tried (within your practice) this year that was either a big success or a fail?
  • how do we bridge the digital/product -vs- THE BUSINESS (everyone else) divide?
  • What’s something you’d expect everyone on teams to know about lean/agile, but surprisingly almost no-one does?
  • how do we foster psychological safety/build trust among people who have historically worked in an environment without very much?
  • What are some good ways to encourage members of the teams I coach to learn about and form their own opinions on agile?

2 responses to “Agile in the Ether #28 / 20th November”

  1. Neil Vass avatar

    For coaching agile teams, I’ve found the coaching spectrum really useful: – it’s fine (and often really helpful) to move all along this spectrum. Be more directive when it’ll help move people’s understanding on, and move back along the spectrum to help them reflect/understand on why this was useful, what stops them finding more answers without direction, etc.

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