Agile in the Ether #4 / 18th October

Thursday 18th October at 11:30 Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) / 12:30 British Summer Time (BST) 

Notes from the meetup

Discussion topics

  • Coaching influencers/leaders in a large organisation – Greg ??????????????????
  • How to ‘coach’ agile teams that are resistant to change/coaching – Emma ????????????
  • Agile highly distributed teams – how to be successful with 3-8h time difference between team and PO, how to overcome communication gaps without sacrifices on either end – Kerstin ??????????
  • Motivating teams that don’t buy into the product – Michael Lee ??????
  • How to support the product owner as a scrum master ( Rachael) ??????

Topics we didn’t get a chance to discuss

  • Scaling agile – anyone have experience of this? Gemma
  • Introducing organisations to agile from waterfall project management – Katherine
  • Any ideas on how to scale agile outside of Software development – Nilesh
  • Anything that you wanted to ask about communities of practice – Emily Webber
  • line management for agile coaches – in the squad and up the delivery chain? or a separate function? – Richard
  • Does anyone have a favourite retro format for exploring working processes, especially where existing processes have failed? – Stephen
  • Forming communities – how to keep momentum? Gemma
  • Definition of done for technical set-up sprints ( Rachael)

5 responses to “Agile in the Ether #4 / 18th October”

  1. Emily Webber avatar
    Emily Webber

    And my favourite comment from Pawel “Hate this meeting 😉 already spend 20GBP on books”

    1. Pawel Kaminski avatar
      Pawel Kaminski

      I also blame 1click buy from amazon. The number keeps growing 😉 Thanks all.. sooo much too read not enough coffee in my life…

  2. Gemma Openshaw avatar
    Gemma Openshaw

    Great meetup – Thanks Emily 🙂 Loads of good links and info from everyone who joined too!

  3. Andrew Reeves-Hall avatar
    Andrew Reeves-Hall

    Awesome. Thank you, Emily, for initiating these meetups and for hosting today’s Lean Coffee.

    I especially liked the discussion around remote teams, as we have people in USA, Singapore and Philippines joining daily scrums.

    The phrase “”communication corridor” came up and I have already gone to one team to let them know about the concept behind it. Namely, to state explicitly what time teams in a country are open for impromptu comes, and conversely implying the rest of the times that team members are generally in a focused, flow mode of development.

    Looking forward to Agile in the Ether no.5!

    Best wishes,
    Agile Coach, CloudPay

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