Agile in the Ether #5 / 23rd November

Friday 23rd November at 12:30 (UTC) / (GMT) (check your local time)

Attendees to Agile in the Ether

Notes from the meetup

Discussion topics

  1. I have a team where there is a lot of discord and almost hostility.  What methods have other people used to ‘name the elephant in the room’ without provoking a war? – Jamie ?? ????????????????
  2. How to prioritise from Organisation level down – Org level goals/impacts down to what the delivery teams work on to help achieve that impact/goal. At what level do you prioritise – story level seems to detailed. – tracy ????????????????
  3. Managing the managers (and execs incl C-suite) when told empowered but get controlled – Andrew RH ????????????
  4. Does anyone have a retro format they particularly think is suited to exploring ideas and opportunities while staying away from solutions. Steve Walker ??????????

Topics we didn’t get a chance to discuss

  • How do y’all join up the value teams deliver to the value organisations deliver – Adrian Howard  
  • ??????????Your best resources/videos on metrics and how to get teams excited and interested in tracking them for performance (when they fear the leadership team) – Emma ????????
  • Reinvigorating a tired team into using scrum (bonus points: how to deal with difficult deployments that slow the team down)??????
  • Anything you want to know about communities of practice, but didn’t have anyone to ask (until now) – Emily ??????
  • Scaling agile in a traditional/waterfall environment and culture – May-N ??
  • Roadmap, releases and status progress report – Diogo Ribeiro ????
  • I have just spent the morning discussing what a BA should do for an apps team. The result was not all that firm. Any ideas/experiences/thoughts? – Michael May ??
  • Does anyone have a good idea about how to get everyone involved in a roadmap and engaged in the aims/objectives? ????

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  1. Emily Webber avatar
    Emily Webber

    Notes and links from the group:

    Topic 1

    Diogo – Temperature reading and

    Chris –

    Andrew – Happiness Radar (may be similar to temperature reading); and also setting time aside in every retro to ask team who they would like to say thank you to (on team and wider)

    Adrian –

    Rob – Similarly, I’ve used a ‘moodometer’ across a number of things that the team have already identified as important to them. Did it every month or so to see trends

    Emily – An empathy building exercise

    Michael – There’s also the brute force approach: take everyone out for a few drinks…see what happens when people relax and are not in the office.

    Topic 2

    May – OKRs –

    Adrian – Some general OKRish reading

    1) A brief overview at

    2) A strong recommendation for Christina Wodtke’s book “Radical Focus”

    3) A bunch of random links of various quality on the topic over at

    Richard – I described our business planning & prioritisation approach at the FSA at this public meeting:

    Richard – On OKRs: hear are the key things I’ve learnt about them:

    David – Re OKRs: we’re doing it where I’ve just started:

    Richard – And here’s a reading list on OKRs:

    Emily – Some stuff I wrote on portfolio walls a few years ago

    Emily – Roadmapping and walls at GOV.UK

    Topic 3

    Chris –

    Diogo – Captain David Marquet’s talk on Greatness – based on his book, Turn the Ship Around!

    Adrian – My Product Management Toolkit =>

    Chris –

    Topic 4

    Richard – Earlier this week I came across loads of ideas for retros here: There might be something in there for you Steve

    David – 

Impact mapping

    Emily –

    Adrian –

    Emily – Premortem

    Steve L –

    Tracey –

    Chris –

  2. Emily Webber avatar
    Emily Webber

Hey what an awesome meetup that was!
” – Andrew


” – Michael

thanks everyone, that was totally awesome. feel like I should be paying for this :)
” – Jamie

Lovely to meet everyone, thanks!!
”– Tracey

Thank you!!!
” – Liz


thanks for sharing all the good ideas, and well run and set up Emily” – Rob

  3. Richard avatar

    I love that everyone is so open about sharing ideas and experiences. And what a great set of links to things to read and watch!

  4. DR avatar

    Thanks a lot everyone!

  5. andrewrh avatar

    Some tips from Geoff Watts, which I spotted in a recent tweet from him, that might help Jamie with that first topic about a team conflict situation —

  6. Liz Catherall avatar
    Liz Catherall

    Thank you all for the hints, tips, further reading. There is so much out there so hearing about experience, context and scenarios is amazing.

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