Agile in the Ether #5 / 23rd November

Friday 23rd November at 12:30 (UTC) / (GMT) (check your local time)

Attendees to Agile in the Ether

Notes from the meetup

Discussion topics

  1. I have a team where there is a lot of discord and almost hostility.  What methods have other people used to ‘name the elephant in the room’ without provoking a war? – Jamie ?? ????????????????
  2. How to prioritise from Organisation level down – Org level goals/impacts down to what the delivery teams work on to help achieve that impact/goal. At what level do you prioritise – story level seems to detailed. – tracy ????????????????
  3. Managing the managers (and execs incl C-suite) when told empowered but get controlled – Andrew RH ????????????
  4. Does anyone have a retro format they particularly think is suited to exploring ideas and opportunities while staying away from solutions. Steve Walker ??????????

Topics we didn’t get a chance to discuss

  • How do y’all join up the value teams deliver to the value organisations deliver – Adrian Howard  
  • ??????????Your best resources/videos on metrics and how to get teams excited and interested in tracking them for performance (when they fear the leadership team) – Emma ????????
  • Reinvigorating a tired team into using scrum (bonus points: how to deal with difficult deployments that slow the team down)??????
  • Anything you want to know about communities of practice, but didn’t have anyone to ask (until now) – Emily ??????
  • Scaling agile in a traditional/waterfall environment and culture – May-N ??
  • Roadmap, releases and status progress report – Diogo Ribeiro ????
  • I have just spent the morning discussing what a BA should do for an apps team. The result was not all that firm. Any ideas/experiences/thoughts? – Michael May ??
  • Does anyone have a good idea about how to get everyone involved in a roadmap and engaged in the aims/objectives? ????


  1. Notes and links from the group:

    Topic 1

    Diogo – Temperature reading and

    Chris –

    Andrew – Happiness Radar (may be similar to temperature reading); and also setting time aside in every retro to ask team who they would like to say thank you to (on team and wider)

    Adrian –

    Rob – Similarly, I’ve used a ‘moodometer’ across a number of things that the team have already identified as important to them. Did it every month or so to see trends

    Emily – An empathy building exercise

    Michael – There’s also the brute force approach: take everyone out for a few drinks…see what happens when people relax and are not in the office.

    Topic 2

    May – OKRs –

    Adrian – Some general OKRish reading

    1) A brief overview at

    2) A strong recommendation for Christina Wodtke’s book “Radical Focus”

    3) A bunch of random links of various quality on the topic over at

    Richard – I described our business planning & prioritisation approach at the FSA at this public meeting:

    Richard – On OKRs: hear are the key things I’ve learnt about them:

    David – Re OKRs: we’re doing it where I’ve just started:

    Richard – And here’s a reading list on OKRs:

    Emily – Some stuff I wrote on portfolio walls a few years ago

    Emily – Roadmapping and walls at GOV.UK

    Topic 3

    Chris –

    Diogo – Captain David Marquet’s talk on Greatness – based on his book, Turn the Ship Around!

    Adrian – My Product Management Toolkit =>

    Chris –

    Topic 4

    Richard – Earlier this week I came across loads of ideas for retros here: There might be something in there for you Steve

    David – 

Impact mapping

    Emily –

    Adrian –

    Emily – Premortem

    Steve L –

    Tracey –

    Chris –

  2. “
Hey what an awesome meetup that was!
” – Andrew


” – Michael

thanks everyone, that was totally awesome. feel like I should be paying for this :)
” – Jamie

Lovely to meet everyone, thanks!!
”– Tracey

Thank you!!!
” – Liz


thanks for sharing all the good ideas, and well run and set up Emily” – Rob

  3. I love that everyone is so open about sharing ideas and experiences. And what a great set of links to things to read and watch!

  4. Thank you all for the hints, tips, further reading. There is so much out there so hearing about experience, context and scenarios is amazing.

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