Agile in the Ether #57 / 26th May

We talked about these topics (with some links shared along the way).

Creating roadmaps- why do they always turn into a battle of responsibilities between Product Managers and Delivery Managers?

What ways have you seen to best teach collaboration to teams?

  • The shape game is a game created by Justin Coyne.

    Shape game rules– there’s a mosaic, made up of small shapes, that the team has to create. Only the assigned ‘manager’ can see the whole mosaic; the rest of the team are not allowed to see the whole mosaic. Each member of the team is assigned one shape and can only move one shape on their turn.
    In the first round, the team have 2mins to create the entire mosaic for the customer. The purpose of this is that the team ‘fails’ to create the mosaic on time.
    In the second round, the manager becomes ‘agile’ and shares the mosaic with the team and allows the team to set out how they work (removing the ‘one shape at a time rule’), and the team learn to collaborate easier.

How do you approach individuals/teams that don’t value other disciplines/diversity of opinion?

Tips/ shared experiences/ challenges etc for juggling playing both Delivery Manager and Product Manager.

How do you stop perfectionism? Repeating ‘it needs to be good enough’ only gets me so far.

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