Agile in the Ether #6 / 14th December

Friday 14th December at 12:30 (UTC) / (GMT) (check your local time)

Notes from the meetup

We talked about

  1. How to be Agile with fixed-scope and fixed-date? – Diogo
  2. Anyone have any trusty methods for getting actions DONE from a retro, or formatting. I’m using an experiment format, just wondering what others do – Stephen
  3. Applying agile principles/methods to data science teams? Stories, experience, advice? – Paul
  4. How can SMs/Agile Coaches work best together? (are they a team, a group or a community of practice?) – Hazel
  5. Using agile techniques for self-reflection – Simon P

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  1. Emily Webber avatar
    Emily Webber

    Notes and links from the group:

    Topic 1

    Liz – To ensure continuous improvement, it includes at least one high priority process improvement identified in the previous Retrospective meeting.”

    Lawrence – Monte Carlo Simulation and

    Simon – Teams I’ve worked with have used slack bots to remind people (outside of stand-ups) and tools like harmonia (

    Topic 2

    Emily – Popcorn flow

    Adrian –

    Stephen – Test card:

    Topic 3

    Diogo –

    Lawrence –

    Adrian – How to Measure Anything and Impact Mapping

    Topic 4

    Emily – Building Successful Communities of Practice

    Topic 5

    Stephen – Productivity Ninja

    Ian – Weeknotes

    Diogo –

    Andrew – Bullet Journal

  2. Emily Webber avatar
    Emily Webber

    Thanks everyone who took part, please feel free to share thoughts, links, thank you or anything in the links below

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