Agile in the Ether #68 / 12th April

We talked about:

What practices do you have in your team or organisation to increase serendipitous moments

  • The product community do a monthly optional cake based in the office thing. Come and sit away from your team with people who do similar jobs (and bring calories.)
  • Short life problem focused teams. An extension of the ‘not wargaming’ – But firing up a time bound collaboration to explore or solve a challenge.
  • Similar slack channels I’ve seen in other places #goodmorning, #daily-ftw, #daily-wtf,  #SHOUTING
  • we have #club-pets for sharing pet photos, and it’s one of our most engaged channels. I end up chatting with folks who I would never normally meet

How do you get everyone in the team to contribute to collaborative sessions without calling people out?

How do you encourage people to turn up the good — rather than only focusing on turning down the bad?

What strategies do you use to narrate work as it’s happening so that it’s easily recalled later on?

  • Home – Design histories (
  • Transactive memory system: people hold knowledge that’s useful to them, but they also know who knows what.
  • Maintain “Now, Next, Future” roadmaps — rather than moving outcomes/solved problems off the board, keep a log of them.
  • Rather than outcomes and tasks, maintain a log of problems the team has solved together
  • Team shaman: person who tells stories — a story — to connect the work to its purpose

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