Agile in the Ether #70 / 14th June

We talked about

Good tool/method/game to help people start thinking about psychological safety

How do teams manage the collaboration between product management and ux research?

  • Show case studies of doing X and not achieving the desired outcome.
  • Rather than justifying the role, focus on the skill: “We need to get good at user research” rather than “we need user researchers.” The goal is often disintermediation — getting stakeholders involved in research.
  • Show, don’t tell. Involve people in the research. Frame research as de-risking things.
  • Involve the PM so they don’t have the “final” decision but we co-create the research

What’s the best visual aid or metaphor you’ve ever found for illustrating the differences between delivery methodologies or, advantages of agile?

How do you keep yourself from bringing up endless “we tried that once” stories?

Reading radical candour atm, and the latest edition acknowledges abuse of the approach, I was wondering if people have used it, or been subject to its misuse?

  • I liked Insight by Tasha Eurich. Who am I to tell people what to think if I don’t know myself first?
  • non-violent communication and radical honesty (not candor). Are you willing to hear something that might be difficult? Another thing is to be sure to remind people this is your own perspective.

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