Remote meeting tips

We use zoom because it’s the best video tool for this kind of thing, (and most kinds of things really) and google docs to manage topics, because it’s easy to use and most people have experience of it. These tips make the remote meetings run more smoothly.

  • find a good internet connection
  • one person / one computer, it’s easier if everyone is on the same footing
  • add your name when you sign in to zoom so people can address you
  • set zoom to gallery view, so you can see everyone at the same time
  • keep your video camera on so everyone can see you
  • say someone’s name if you are asking them a question, so they know it’s for them (you can’t make eye contact over video chat)
  • put your hand up if you are finding it difficult to find a break in the conversation and have something to say
  • mute yourself if you aren’t talking and have background noise
  • use headphones with a mic to reduce background noise and reverberation

We’ll have a facilitator, who will go through these at the beginning of the session and keep things running smoothly

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